Company description

The goal of the Raahe Guide is to focus on improving Raahe’s general recognition, so that Raahe can be put on the world map in a new, positive way.
The purpose of the Raahe Guide is to present Raahe in a completely new positive way, where all parties involved in the project benefit from the high visibility brought by the project.

Business sector

Advertising and communication services, Agriculture, Air quality, Architecture, Automation technology, Bioenergy & biofuels, Bioproducts & materials, Building management systems, CHP & DHC, Circular economy, Clean water, Cleanweb & IoT, Construction, Consultancy services for health industry, Consulting services, Contract Manufacturing, Creative Industries, Daily consumer goods trade, Design services, Development of BusinessModel, Development of CoreSystems, Education, Electronics industry, Energy & Resource efficiency, Energy production & distribution, Food industry and food processing, Forest, paper and wood industry, Funding, assurance, Gaming industry, Green buildings, Health & Life Science, Health Services, Health technology and eHealth, Healthcare and Wellness services, Hotel and catering, HW-development, HW-products, ICT, Infrastructure, Internet Service Provider, Leasing, Legal services, Life Science, pharmaceutical, Lifestyle design, crafts, Machinery and equipment manufacture, Maintenance and automation, Maintenance services, Manufacturing industry, Marine & shipping, Measurement technology, Media, Metal production, Mining, Mobility, Other, Other manufacture, Other services, Performing arts, R&D-site, Real estate, Real estate /estate management, Recycling, Renewables & smart grid, Service center, Smart factory, Smart transport & logistics, Smarter and Cleaner Industry / Cleantech and Industry, Social Services, Solar Energy, Speciality retailing, Sports and experience services, Staffing service, Sustainability, Sustainable city, SW-development, SW-products, System Integration, Testing and Certification Services, Trade, Services, Logistics, Tourism, Transportation and logistics, Travel Agency, Visual arts, Waste Management, Waste-to-energy, Waste-to-value, Water technology, Wholesale trade, Wind energy

B2B, B2C, Business premises, Educational tourism, Equipment, Health, Industry, Interior design, Landscape design, Leisure Activity Services, Logistics, Music services, Office premises, Online shopping, Physical rehabilitation, Renting, Sanitation, Security, SmartCity, Social and health care systems, Tour operator and DMC, Tourism services, Treatment