Company description

When Security Researchers discover vulnerabilities and data breaches, they want to warn you and affected companies. When companies find that hackers stole your private information, they need to inform you. You care about the privacy and security of yourself and close ones. You don’t want to help attackers to compromise others. It is why Badrap exists. We connect people and companies who care and let them warn each other.

Employee Cyber Hygiene
It is a campaign that puts together our platform with micro-trainings that educate employees about individual cyber hygiene and helps them to use the Badrap service. Badrap connects the findings of security researchers (such as Deutsche Telekom, Telia, FitSec, and many others) to one, easy-to-use service. It alerts the user only when their assets are found in security breaches. We believe that protecting the individual; we protect the business.

Business sector

ICT, SW-products

B2B, B2C, IoT, Monitoring, Security