Company description

We have a new roof for your house. We install various tin roofs to replace the old tin roof or felt roof. We install roofs all year round, so even severe winter conditions do not prevent the renovation from taking place. When renovating a roof, it is important to do the groundwork carefully to make your roof ventilated and straight. We almost always install new ribs and headboards to ensure that the overall look of the roof is balanced. We also come with roof safety products and gutters. Is your old roof starting to be in such a condition that your property is about to be in danger, or are you wondering if your old roof needs to be replaced. We supply and install well-known windows and doors designed for Finnish conditions. Your individual wishes are taken into account in the equipment and installation of the products. Do you want to save on the energy costs of your house or are your windows already in need of renewal anyway?

Business sector

Trade, Services, Logistics, Tourism