Company description

Contribyte helps companies to become better in their product and service development. We offer wide range of organization and skill development services, training and software tools both for product development and for product management.

Succeeding with products is hard!
We at Contribyte believe, that successful future product organizations and teams need a holistic approach – both for product development and management.
The key building blocks for the future organizations are: product and customer-centric development, functional and experienced quality, effective operative practices and management, and last, but not least – motivated and empowered personnel.
In addition, you need to be constantly awake and curious. We call this mentality “Vigilant Sustainability”.
Contribyte specializes in agile and lean methods for software development, both at team and enterprise level (scaled agile). We master and combine business and product management with R&D.
Our services range from organization wide transformation programs to small group workshops and training sessions. We also offer product development software tools and services, like Atlassian Jira, Confluence, VersionOne, GitHub, just to mention a few.
Contribyte organizes several events and workshops for product leaders and developers. Our main event is “The Future of Product Development” yearly seminar.

Business sector

Consulting services, Education, ICT