Company description

Deep Forest is a company that offers broad-based services, clients include both companies and individuals.

Services that company offer include
– product printing
– website design and implementation
– design and implementation of marketing materials
– production of image and text content

Products are printed on order as marketing products for business customers, as unique consumer goods to individuals, and for sale on our webshop and resale.

Web pages are designed according to the customer’s needs and can be implemented by encoding them in HTML. Later, the text or images on the web pages can be updated either by the customer oneself or by ordering the update from us.

In addition to websites, it is also possible to order other types of marketing materials in print and digital format. All marketing and other materials are designed together according to the customer’s needs. Products may include e.g. printed marketing products, business cards, advertisements, brochures, covers, flyers, labels, posters, banners.

Photography and writing can easily be done on behalf of or with the client. Existing photographs can also be used, either in connection with other work or when ordered separately. You can visit the photo gallery on our website, or you can separately inquire about a specific type of picture you want.

As a small player, the company can operate flexibly and competitively. Our extensive skills and services allow us to work in a wide area of work, which also benefits our customers.

Business sector

Advertising and communication services, Creative Industries, Lifestyle design, crafts, Media, Other services, Speciality retailing, Trade, Services, Logistics, Tourism, Visual arts, Wholesale trade

Audiovisual production, Graphic design, Online shopping