Company description

We help businesses assess, audit and develop their technical cyber security postures, defences and procedures. We assist companies to manage their cyber security requirements and to perform architecture security reviews and penetration testing.

Our primary focus in corporate cyber security assurance and information protection work is with software security. We help businesses ensure the quality of their software development activities, both in-house and outsourced, specifically from the information systems secure construction point of view. We perform current state maturity assessments covering all creation and production process activities constituting an information system’s lifecycle.

Our testing services for ethical hacking helps identify the vulnerabilities of an information system or IT environment, and provides a public summary statement to support your communication activities, safely executed in a testing environment. We also provide hands-on cyber security certification with our CyberSafe certification model.

Business sector

ICT, R&D-site, SW-development, Testing and Certification Services

B2B, Industry, IoT, R&D, Security