Company description

Enhancell is a software company creating new and innovative tools for wireless network testing needs. Our team of mobile network experts and creative software designers are striving to simplify the network testing. Our headquarters is in Oulu Finland and we have offices in Boston MA and Dallas TX.

We are trusted partner of several major cellular operators and network manufacturers.

Our vision is to create new innovative tools for wireless network testing. With our solutions we aim to make testing easy and cost effective. The main focus for our tools is in indoor measurements but we have solutions for all types of network testing, including benchmarking and traditional drive testing.

Our unique software only solution along with cloud integration will allow test tools to be completely independent of the hardware. With our solutions you can easily share and transfer the licenses across your team as you are not locked down to custom handsets. Cloud integration allows easy remote configuration and fully automated software updates.

Business sector

ICT, SW-development, SW-products, Testing and Certification Services

5G, B2B, Diagnostics, IoT, Monitoring