Company description

FCIE is short for Finland Center of International Exchange. Our service is to provide an international collaboration and communication platform which covers various of aspects such as education, culture, travelling, commercial and trading. We are aiming at enhancing the collaboration and communication between China and Finland through out the whole process, so that we can achieve the long term strategy in economic field. FCIE helps you to make the correct decision in each phase of internationalization: planning international growth in China market, making preparations to enter the market, establishing yourself in China market and improving your market position. Our services are tailored to provide a solution which matches your company’s needs.

Business sector

Advertising and communication services, Consulting services, Creative Industries, Development of BusinessModel, Development of CoreSystems, Education, Health & Life Science, Healthcare and Wellness services, ICT, Internet Service Provider, Legal services, Service center, Social Services, Trade, Services, Logistics, Tourism, Travel Agency

e-Services, Educational tourism, Industry, IoT, Renting, Service Design, SmartCity, Social and health care systems, Tourism services