Company description

Joiqu’s roots are in the advertising world. Our founder Jari Laakso established advertising agency Avalon (member of ICOM network) in the early days of 1990’s. By the new Millennium the agency had grown and had office’s in multiple cities in Finland. For the client projects always the best resources where deployed, no matter in which office the person was located in. This geographical spread of talent created a new challenge. Project work and communication with customers via emails became rapidly a clear bottleneck. Jari, who hates complicated and cumbersome systems, started to look for an agile and easy to use platform to take care of the ever so important collaboration and communication. He was looking for a solution which would work anywhere and with any device and where information could be shared even with the clients. No system was to be found. The only way was to build the system from scratch, and that’s when Joiqu was born.

Now Joiqu has grown to be a business on its own right. But the core development principal still remains – keep it simple, agile and easy to use. Our passion is to make working more enjoyable. This we do by providing tools that help companies and individuals to focus on the most important, enabling collaboration and innovation without any boundaries.

Business sector


B2B, B2C, e-Services