Company description

We help companies to develop a value-adding competitive edge from patents, utility models, design rights, trademarks, domain names and contracts. Our clients are innovative pioneers in their own industries: start-ups and SMEs, major global companies, universities and research institutes and inventors.


• A one-stop-shop for IP and legal services, ranging from contracts to dispute resolution. We will protect and defend your intellectual property rights all over the world.
• Comprehensive expertise and resources in all major technology areas and industries.
• We are familiar with the varying needs of a range of customers, from start-ups to large global players.
• We provide rationally scaled services for every situation – in a business-driven manner.
• Our 100+ IP professionals will be at your service: our experienced patent, trademark and design specialists and lawyers.
• Kolster China Desk™ and Kolster Russia Desk™: Chinese and Russian-language services with a deep knowledge of the market.
• A unique international IP Partner network built up over a period of 145+ years. We work with the best IP professionals around the world.
• We handle patent, trademark, design protection and legal services for over 1,700 domestic and foreign clients each year.
• Our operations are strongly international. We are a reliable and well-known IP partner all over the world.
• Kolster’s clients include 26 % of Fortune Global Top 100 companies and 29 % of the world’s best-known brands on the Forbes 100 list.
• More than 200 global trademark owners rely on our services for anti-counterfeiting.

Business sector

Consulting services, Health & Life Science, ICT, Legal services, Other services, R&D-site, Smarter and Cleaner Industry / Cleantech and Industry

5G, AI, Artificial intelligence, AI, Augmented reality, B2B, Connectivity, Fintech, HealthTech, Indoor location, Industrial Design, Industry, IoT, R&D, Robotics, Security, SmartCity, Virtual reality, VR