Company description

Liana Technologies is an international company specialized in digital marketing and communication software. The company was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Oulu, Finland. We have offices in Dubai, Paris, Munich, Hong Kong, and Stockholm. Liana products are used in over 3500 companies all around the world.

From local stores to global hotel chains, we truly love to work with diverse marketing teams across different industries. We know that your marketing team may be spread all around the globe, which is great. Using our tools is easy regardless of your device and location. Our mission is to give the best possible tools for digital marketing and communications.

Our solutions include:
– LianaMailer – an easy-to-use tool for mobile-friendly and effective email marketing campaigns
– LianaCommerce – a user-friendly e-commerce platform
– LianaCMS – a marketers’ choice for website management
– LianaAutomation – an agile marketing automation software
– LianaPress – a comprehensive online press releases service
– LianaMonitor – an online monitoring service that follows journalistic web media, blogs, forums, and social media channels 24/7

Business sector

ICT, SW-development, SW-products

AI, B2B, e-Services