Company description

The company’s philosophy is beautiful and touching.
“From the start our cores values have been humaneness, solidarity, and caring. It has been easy to base our work on these same concepts throughout our short history. They have reflected our moral values and our everyday thinking,” says the company’s Managing Director Teemu Partanen.

All of n i k a m a’s products are made from Outokumpu finest Finnish stainless steel in Oulu, Finland.

n i k a m a Jaur water pitcher was awarded in the international SASSDA 2002 steel design competition in the World’s Most Beautiful Steel Product category in 2002.

In n i k a m a’s products, the steel flickers softly and warmly. Curved and straightforward shapes are craftily crafted in ornaments, gifts and decorative objects and jewelery. As arctic nature reduces itself by removing everything, everything is unnecessary, and Nikama Design’s steel products are tinted with a monumental, pulsating reduction in even the smallest detail.

Business sector

Creative Industries, Design services, Performing arts, Visual arts

B2B, B2C, Fashion design, Interior design