Company description

Qridi is a pedagogical software for better learning. Qridi has been developed together with innovative Finnish teachers and experts based on the most recent results of studies on learning. With Qridi, learners can contribute to all phases of the learning process. Qridi is used more than 300 schools in Finland. It is also used in four other countries. Promoting a culture of continuous, meaningful and encouraging student assessment is a challenge for both teachers and educational administrators. Qridi is a digital assessment tool, which can make it happen. It has been awarded as the Best digital learning solution in Finland.

Beside schools Qrid is also used by companies and sports teams. Qridi Sport was launched a couple of years ago. Athletes for example in ice hockey, basketball and figure skating teams are using Qridi. Qridi supports the athlete in developing self-guidance, allowing the athlete to participate in all stages of the training process: goal setting, implementation and evaluation. The self-directed athlete is able to take responsibility for his own work and to gain strong ownership of his sport.

One year ago we launched the Qridi Business application for businesses and work communities. For example, the application can track the development of job prioritization, workload, and overall feeling at work. With Qridi, you can bring self-reflection into your corporate culture and develop the skills and knowledge of your employees.

Business sector

Education, ICT, Trade, Services, Logistics, Tourism