Company description

Reach Your Goals
Redamat Oy is a company that helps large ICT corporations, ventures, and start-ups reach their operative and strategic goals by providing an experienced executive on hire, who operates either as a member of a team, or as a personal coach.
Redamat offers various solutions to fulfill its clients’ objectives:
– Company strategy and execution planning
– Business case and business model planning and analysis
– Corporate assessment and analysis for partnering and acquisitions
– Product and product development process design and re-engineering
– Sourcing, Production and Logistics design and re-engineering
– Executive coaching
In the past years Redamat Oy has been using it’s international contacts and channels to help Finnish and Nordic high tech companies. During that time Redamat has been deeply involved in the creation of strategy and implementation plans for almost 50 different companies or organizations.
Implementation can be guaranteed even in a large and complex customer cases with the wide range on strategic and operative experience by myself or together with a sizeable network of experienced and highly motivated senior managers.
Addition to management consultant assignments on small and medium size companies, Redamat has done several regional business development programs in Oulu region.
Redamat has developed a new way for networked product creation. Redamat contact network and credible background has ensured that regional joint offering has gathered also global attention and interest within global ICT sector companies. Through 2010- 2013 there are more than 300 engineers in Oulu region working on projects under this developed concept.

Business sector


B2B, B2C, Connectivity, eHealth, Equipment, HealthTech, Logistics, R&D