Company description

SEP Consulting helps companies avoid pitfalls related to the development and commercialisation of innovations aimed especially at international markets, and maximise their chances of success.

We offer consulting, coaching and concrete hands-on help in product developmentinternationalisation and funding.

We draw from our own exceptionally versatile experience of developing a multi-award-winning new product and service and launching it in international markets, continuously training ourselves on a broad spectrum of business topics. We also leverage our vast network of experts.

We also do guest lectures and speaking gigs.

Examples of the services we offer:

Training sessions

This is how you prepare to start a new product development project so that you save time, effort and money in the development phase while tackling the most common risks of failure

This is how you prepare to apply for Business Finland grants to support the development, growth or internationalisation of your company’s operations, and to report the subsidy correctly

This is how you prepare your participation at a trade show to maximise the return on your investment


Stress testing the customer’s new product development project and recommended actions to take in light of the results

Identification of financial instruments suitable for the customer, preparation for applying for one suitable financing and initialization of the final reporting of one financial instrument

Identification of trade shows suitable for the customer and identification and tackling of obstacles standing in the way of successful participation

Hands-on help

We also help our customers with various hands-on measures, for example, participating together with the customer at trade shows and helping the customer prepare to pitch to investors.

When purchasing our services, it is possible to use Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher.

Business sector


B2B, B2C