Company description

TESTiLABS is One Stop Test & Certification Shop for different wireless testing services under one roof. We provide both product development testing and certification services and are able to customize test set for your needs. Our services include OTA, SAR, RF, EMC, Audio, Bluetooth, Field Test, Mechanical, Environmental, SW testing.

We have been operating for 1.5 years and are already serving +40 worldwide clients, 2/5 of the biggest smartphone vendors and 3/5 biggest cellular module vendors. TESTiLABS´ key customers are operators, device manufacturers and product development houses.

Over the years we have gained solid expertise in testing mobile phones, tablets, routers, wearables and IoT devices. We hold a long experience in testing and certifying radio devices, and have assisted different companies worldwide in improving their products

Business sector

ICT, Testing and Certification Services

B2B, Connectivity, HealthTech, Industry, IoT, R&D