Company description

We help Nordic growth companies to achieve their goals and internationalize. We work with small and medium-sized companies and offer them solid expertise in developing management processes, corporate governance, funding and financing, manufacturing, competitiveness of products or services in Finland, the Nordic countries and the world.

Business sector

Automation technology, Bioenergy & biofuels, Bioproducts & materials, Building management systems, CHP & DHC, Circular economy, Clean water, Cleanweb & IoT, Construction, Consultancy services for health industry, Consulting services, Contract Manufacturing, Development of BusinessModel, Development of CoreSystems, Electronics industry, Energy & Resource efficiency, Energy production & distribution, Funding, assurance, Green buildings, Health & Life Science, Health Services, Health technology and eHealth, Healthcare and Wellness services, HW-development, HW-products, ICT, Internet Service Provider, Machinery and equipment manufacture, Maintenance and automation, Manufacturing industry, Measurement technology, Metal production, Mining, Mobility, R&D-site, Recycling, Renewables & smart grid, Smart factory, Smart transport & logistics, Smarter and Cleaner Industry / Cleantech and Industry, Sustainability, Sustainable city, SW-development, SW-products, System Integration, Testing and Certification Services, Trade, Services, Logistics, Tourism, Waste Management, Waste-to-energy, Wholesale trade, Wind energy

5G, AI, AR, Artificial intelligence, AI, Augmented reality, B2B, B2C, Business premises, Chipset, Connectivity, Diagnostics, e-Services, eHealth, Equipment, Fotonics, HealthTech, Imaging, Indoor location, Industrial Design, Industry, IoT, Laboratory solutions, Online shopping, R&D, Robotics, SmartCity