Company description

We’re a B2B IOT solutions company. We add the “smart” in “smart devices” and the “connected” in “connected hardware.” We specialize in collecting data from difficult locations without grid power or WiFi, using mostly movable, battery-powered, low-energy sensors that can run for 1-5 years at a time.

Kaltiot provides cost-effective IoT solutions for organizations that want to use IoT technology for measurement, monitoring, or produce their own smart devices. We primarily use existing hardware and devices from various manufacturers, and develop custom software as required. Devices are carefully selected, tested and integrated into our own service. This allows us to offer the best options for each customer’s needs, and to develop IoT projects quickly and cost-effectively without compromising security.

The Kaltiot Smart Tracker system is a scalable solution for IOT environmental, location, and usage tracking, including building management, logistics, lean construction, and public spaces.

You can monitor temperature, humidity, and CO2 content in real time or track the location of equipment, workers, and materials from a centralized dashboard. Location tracking is especially suitable for assets that are moved from space to space, such as between buildings, and/or moved around within the same building, such as floors of a hospital. You can also track utilization, location and impacts on expensive equipment such as forklifts, laboratory devices and other assets.

Business sector

Cleanweb & IoT, Construction, ICT, Smarter and Cleaner Industry / Cleantech and Industry, SW-development, SW-products

B2B, Indoor location, IoT, Monitoring, SmartCity