Company description

Kaitotek Oy is a Finnish telecommunications and software company, which develops network monitoring solutions and offers both software and network consultancy. The personnel of the company has a profound expertise in telecommunications, network quality measurements, software development, and leading national and international research and innovation projects.

Qosium is the main product of Kaitotek. Qosium measures network and communication Quality of Service (QoS) in a whole new way – the way how end-users and applications experience it. The three key points that distinguishes Qosium from other network diagnostics and monitoring solutions are: 1) Measurement is passive 2) Qosium is light-weight software 3) Measurement is real-time. In general, QoS measurement indicates how services and applications work over a network path of interest. Typical QoS measures are delay, delay variation, and packet loss.

Automated network quality monitoring solution ensures data transfer is working as expected in private fixed, WLAN, 5G- ja LTE-networks, especially at industrial and logistics sites. Monitoring has been applied to RemoteApp connections, machine and equipment remote control (video and control connection), and VPN connections.

Passive QoS measurement means that the QoS of real ongoing application traffic is measured, instead of generating test traffic to be measured to the network. This reveals the true performance for currently active applications using the network. Qosium measures network quality over every network technology and for all applications.

Critical services and applications pose strict demands for network and communications quality. The Qosium solution is deployed in a varying mix of technical gadgets including miniPCs, laptops, servers, IoT devices, 5G modems and Android mobile devices, embedded systems and base stations.

Business sector

Consulting services, ICT, Maintenance and automation, Measurement technology, Other services, SW-development, SW-products, Testing and Certification Services

5G, B2B, Connectivity, Diagnostics, Industry, IoT, Logistics, Monitoring, R&D, Robotics, Security, SmartCity