Company description

Kipuwex is the only objective pain measuring device in today’s market. Kipuwex is attached to the patient’s chest and continuously and digitally measures different physiological parameters from the patient and converts them with an algorithm into reliable pain data that can be used by healthcare professionals and home users to relieve suffering, reduce complications, promote patient recovering and shorten hospitalization.

Without reliable pain data is difficult to treat patients, prescribe painkillers and monitor whether treatment is working. Untreated and persistent pain can leave a lifelong trauma and chronic pain, especially in patients who are unable to express themselves.

Kipuwex Ltd.’s mission is to decrease the pain in the world by providing reliable pain assessment at home and hospitals regardless of patients age, gender and disease.

Kipuwex Ltd.’s products are the Kipuwex device, ECG sticker and the application.

Business sector

Health & Life Science, Health technology and eHealth, Healthcare and Wellness services

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