Company description

Lavango Oy was established in 2012 in Oulu. Our core competencies are productisation, sales, marketing and export consulting and training. Lavango has consulted numerous SMEs and organized training in productisation and international business.

Customer understanding is the most important thing for us. We want to develop our partners’ activities towards better market and customer knowledge. Lavango Always tailor your business to your specific customer needs.

Lavango provides additional power in a company’s transformation. Here are some examples of the services available from us:

The strategy:
– Facilitating strategy
– Growth strategy
– Sales strategy
– Export strategy

Sales and marketing
– brand building
– sales training
– sales Manager
– export market research
– export Manager

New products:
– market research
– service design
– opening up new distribution channels

Business sector

Clean water, Consultancy services for health industry, Consulting services, Daily consumer goods trade, Food industry and food processing, Health & Life Science, ICT, Measurement technology, Other, Other manufacture, Other services, Smarter and Cleaner Industry / Cleantech and Industry, Sustainability, Trade, Services, Logistics, Tourism, Wholesale trade

B2B, B2C, Industry, SmartCity