Company description

Lukkaroinen Architects is an architectural practice full of creative people and innovative ideas. We collaborate with our clients and a diverse team of professionals to surpass any and all expectations. We are a experienced and reliable partner in both large and small projects, creating beautiful, high-quality and sustainable environments for generations to come.

Our designs are based on innovative thinking. We begin by studying the aims and environment of the project, and by carefully crafting a unique idea that is then carried throughout the project. The result is a beautiful, functional design that fulfils the needs of our client.

Lukkaroinen Architects was founded in the northern city of Oulu, Finland, in 1980. We have grown from a small one-man practice to a community of over 70 qualified and skilled designers. Our practice is built on family values, and we consider our employees to be our greatest asset. We aim to always look out for our employees’ best interests.
Today, Lukkaroinen Architects operates from two locations: Oulu and Helsinki. As a multidisciplinary and innovative practice, we have a diverse staff of architects, interior architects, construction architects, graphic designers, and others.

Business sector

Architecture, Creative Industries

Interior design