Company description

LumoLink Digital Oy has decided to bring web technology and marketing together. Whether you want to go global with your business idea, create an app or educate your staff we are here for you.

We love digital marketing because it’s 100% data-driven. We are able to make decision-based on numbers and facts instead of some fancy marketing expert’s gut feeling. The numbers will show us if we are on the right path or if our campaigns still need optimizing. We can help you with all your social media content creation and marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing and much more! We’ll create your designs and renew your brand if that’s what you wish for!

Most of LumoLink’s employees are bilingual. That’s why many of our projects involve Russian markets. In addition to Russia, LumoLinks offices locate in Finland, Estonia, and Ukraine. So if you ever want to conquer any of these countries with your business idea, make sure to contact us! We have local employees in every country that have insight into the markets.

Although we have brick and mortar offices in four different countries, ain’t no borders stopping us! We are highly international-minded and always looking for ways to succeed abroad. For example, we have helped many Finnish companies bringing their products to the global markets via Amazon and succeeding on the platform. We also know all the tips and tricks for Etsy, which is a market place for hand made items. And even if you don’t think that you are ready going abroad just yet, we can as well help you create your own webshop wherever you are located!

And if you feel a bit rusty about all the social media and digital marketing stuff, don’t worry. We’ll come to your office and educate you and your staff to excel in digital marketing, program using or internet security. We have trained over 1000 people and LumoLink’s YouTube lectures have been viewed over 1 000 000 times. Tell us what you want to learn, whether it was Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, selling on Amazon or creating your own webshop, we’ll come and teach it to you! Our lectures always start with analyzing the needs and levels of the participants to make sure we won’t waste anybody’s time. Our trainings have been really liked as we provide a lot of hands-on information and most of the lectures we are actually doing the things instead of talking about them.

Business sector

Advertising and communication services, Creative Industries

e-Services, Graphic design, Online shopping, Service Design