Company description

PehuTec is a R&D partner that solves various sizes of product development challenges for our customers. We are focused on wireless, IoT and medical solutions. Our experience in various business sectors provides important synergy when developing cutting edge products. If you are looking for a R&D partner for your idea, additional resources or consulting services for your development project, contact us. We provide services that turn ideas into successful products.

Our strength lies in the design of system-level solutions and strong software competence. We have a diverse and extensive experience in project work. Our product development processes are certified and we are able to utilize our expertise in various fields. For our customers this means fast, reliable and cost-efficient service.

Whether you need top talents in software, RF, hardware or mechanics to strengthen your team, please contact us. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Business sector

Health & Life Science, Health technology and eHealth, HW-development, HW-products, ICT, R&D-site, SW-development, SW-products, System Integration, Testing and Certification Services

5G, AI, Artificial intelligence, AI, Connectivity, HealthTech, IoT, R&D