Planbil is a digital car rental service where you can hire a car for an hour, a day or even several months. Everything from booking and locking the doors to payment transactions can be handled in the blink of an eye using the Planbil app, either online or in the Planbil app. Planbil is a convenient rental service that is perfectly suited for both work and leisure purposes. In our service, the cars are placed where they are needed: close to the population and close to key transport connections, such as railway stations.


Kauppa, Palvelut, Logistiikka, Matkailu, Kone- ja laitevuokraus, leasing

B2B, B2C, Koulutusmatkailu, Matkailupalvelut, SmartCity, Sähköiset palvelut, Vuokraus