Randax Oy was founded in 2006, for the development and commercialisation of a product idea by electrical engineer Matti Rantapää, for a new type of freely scalable electric motor based on a sheet steel structure. The Randax approach was an excellent fit with the market’s need for special electric machines based on permanent magnet technology.

Randax® motors are tailored for customer needs. Their amazing, alterable structure allows them to be integrated into the driven equipment. This improves energy efficiency, reduces the equipment’s size and provides the customer with the freedom to design and develop its equipment. Randax® motors allow the customer to focus on the efficiency of the overall process without being limited by the equipment’s components. Our long experience in the sector and extended cooperation with research institutions ensure the continuous development of our products and expertise.

At Randax Oy, we continue to have a strong focus on the continuous development of our products. Our advanced electrical technology solutions are the result of thorough research, development and testing. We cooperate with the leading research institutions in the field. Close cooperation in R&D enables continuous product development, the use of the latest technologies on the market, and the performance of testing and pilot projects in actual equipment operating environments.


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