Company description

iProtoXi offers “one-stop-shopping” IoT products and customer projects for innovative solutions. Our full-stack IoT services are especially suitable for modular and energy-efficient Internet-of-Things wearables and for large scale industrial solutions. Furthermore, our Aistin Blue and Aistin IoT Blue product platforms with ready-made software and technology can be fully customized to meet your requirements and therefore enabling significant savings in both time and expense.

Our product platforms can be licensed for your product development. You can build your IoT service for your own application area using our Aistin IoT Devices and Aistin Cloud Solution without developing your own products.

Even more, our service chain includes everything you may need: electronics and physical device design, embedded software, mobile applications, and cloud services. As a result, we support our customers from rapid prototyping and application development, through to manufacturing and mass production.

Therefore we help your business to build the product from idea to implementation and there to mass production or anything between.

Business sector

Health & Life Science, Health technology and eHealth, HW-development, HW-products, ICT, R&D-site, SW-development, SW-products

5G, AI, Artificial intelligence, AI, B2B, Chipset, Connectivity, eHealth, Equipment, HealthTech, Indoor location, IoT, Monitoring, R&D, Security, Service Design, SmartCity