Company description

Nutri-Flow Oy is a start-up company focused on research and development with nutrient density based nutritional calculation service, Nutri-Flow. The main goal is to enter global markets with a novel service innovation, which can utilise national food composition databases and nutritional recommendations from different countries. Nutri-Flow makes research easier and reduces error sources while collecting and analysing food records. Nutri-Flow is a reliable tool for health and wellbeing services. The new international Nutri-Flow will be the only nutritional calculation service available online globally, which applies Fuzzy Logic and evolution calculation methods. The key factors in the service innovation are holistic approaches of personalised nutritional guidance, which is based on current research, positive user experience, and connectivity to other healthcare and wellbeing services. Connectivity with healthcare systems also improves patient safety.

Business sector

Consultancy services for health industry, Health & Life Science, Health technology and eHealth, Healthcare and Wellness services, Other

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