ProWellness develops modern health IT solutions for the prevention, care and management of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular and heart diseases, endocrine disorders, COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases. Our solutions support multidisciplinary and integrated patient care, data analytics, and audits on activity and outcomes for service management.

Our web-based, mobile, data-driven and AI enhanced systems give a holistic view of patients, enable early interventions, and increase the efficiency and the quality of patient care. The outcomes are reduced morbidity and hospitalization which results in lower health care costs and better patient productivity in life. We offer our solutions to health care organizations, health management companies, eHealth solution partners and vendors, and patients.

We also provide our clientele and other solution vendors with ICT consultancy and R&D services, and license production-tested & robust eHealth platforms for e.g. cloud-based rapid system development purposes.


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