Company description

SmartKitchen in collaboration with kitchen professionals

We have worked with kitchen professionals to develop better solutions for the Food Service industry for over a decade. Our goal is to make the busy day of the kitchen staff easier by automating routines. At the same time, productivity improves, and the environmental footprint is reduced. In our opinion, digital solutions are also a tool to facilitate the shortage of manpower in the industry. The widest range of easy-to-use digital solutions for food service companies of all sizes. Meets the wishes of even the most demanding professional.

We are particularly proud that all measurements and recordings are made with wireless technology using the devices designed and manufactured by SmartKitchen. All data collected is processed and analyzed in SmartKitchen’s own cloud service with ensured data protection.

The SmartKitchen service consists of digital solutions, cloud service and automated devices for HACCP, reducing food waste, tracking food deliveries, restaurant indoor air, energy consumption and remote monitoring of kitchen equipment, and management panel supporting the organization level control. Join the satisfied customers!

Business sector

Cleanweb & IoT, Electronics industry, ICT, Manufacturing industry, Measurement technology, Smarter and Cleaner Industry / Cleantech and Industry, Sustainability, SW-development, SW-products

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